The Federal Hotel was completed and opened in 1890 to provide refreshments and lodgings for travellers, especially people using the freight and passenger services provided by its owner, Thomas Moran. The Hotel was built as a direct result of the completion of the freight road up the Browns Mountain in 1888 (most of this being the present Snowy Mountains Highway). The site had been for a decade earlier and continued to be a changeover point for the mail, freight and persons traveling between Cooma to Bombala and Bega and onwards.

With specific regard to paranormal type items, there are many activities that it present owner (Kelvin Fahey) has either heard or experienced (but not actively promoted about the hotel). These are listed below:

  • 3 people have died at the Hotel as far as we know (we know 2 specific locations of these 3)

  • 2 births have occurred that we know of (including specific locations)

  • A solitary female spirit is said to walk the upstairs hallways and lights do seem to go and off during the early hours of the morning as mentioned by many guests (mostly women) staying overnight

  • The CCTV is regularly activated (motion detection) in specific areas when there is clearly nothing in view when reviewing the video footage

  • The first owner & builder of the Hotel, Thomas Moran, had the Royal Mail contract which took out the gold despatched from the Kydra and other local mines of the 1890s - rumours of a hidden treasure cache pilfered & left in the hotel/grounds but never confirmed/found

  • The Hotel produced its own beer up to 1919 legally, after then bootlegging is rumoured. Evidence was uncovered in the present office

  • During the 1920s under the Adams' ownership the Hotel hosted many events, including paranormal readings and seances that were popular at the time

  • A few, though not many, customers have said they have seen a disheveled drover at the end of the front bar holding a glass of dark ale and tipping his hat before fading away

  • Evans' memoirs records the feat of a young indigenous man doing extreme stunts for coins in front of the annex windows (which as originally a laneway 1850-1940 allowing a quick getaway should the policeman see him)

  • When opened in 1890 there were typically 20 horses in the rear 2 storey stables (long gone). Some winter nights can you hear the freight carriages and hoofsteps of the horses going out the side driveway yet nothing is visible looking out the windows

  • Numerous visitors of differing nationalities have commented that there are spirits just busy doing their activities as if oblivious to the present day

It is not the intention to scare or harm anyone or thing in mentioning the above items as the present owner believes that whatever spirits may or may not reside on and in the premsises that they be good spiritis with no ill intentions. The Federal Hotel welcomes those with an interest in the paranormal to visit, walk the grounds and stay overnight to gain insights that may be present to their senses.

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